Saturday, April 30, 2005
The bunny

(\ /)
(> <)

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Saturday, April 02, 2005
In need of some money.

Please, if you find it in your heart to help out a kid struggleing through school, not knowing what he wants to do with his life; a kid that doesn't have that many friends and finds himself often crying to sleep at night because he just wants to be wanted then please, help me out by donateing any ammount of money you can. I can accept checks, money orders, cash (please email me at for details on where to send those) and paypal donations. Thanks for your support.

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Uggg shoot me now

Jordan is very, very VERY bored. Oh yes, very alone too. Hmm well it's a perfectly nice friday night and I watched Flight of the Phoenix, then just kinda sat here for two hours stareing at my screen saver. Yes yes utterly dull. Everyone that was once a friend now hates me more or less, and in most cases it's probably my fault, or so everyone says. Yes, I'm a negative person, especially on messanger, but instead of helping me fix it all of them decide to hate me. Wow, lets make it wose. Smart thinking. Hmm lets see who I have left..Not much.....Angie and Fallon still care about me (probably think I'm a suicidal manic) But I hardly talk to them (cept for on our tacobell trip, but I said like 10 words, mostly they just talked to jacob) Uh...I've got Carah...But then again I havn't seen her in along time and I probably never will, she's too busy off with her new boyfriend for me anyways. Hmm uh there's a couple more people that just have sympathy for me because I'm completely pathetic but yeah thats about the extent of people I talk to. School is depressing. I got kissed this week by a girl, right infront of her boyfriend. She asked if she could but I didn't really think she would. It just ended up causing more harm then good (the person that knows what i'm talking about just so happens to also be the only one that actully gives a shit what i type here) I'm moving to newberg this summer, my grandparents are going into assisted living and we're going to fix up their house and move in there (although i'm not actully going to be in the house) School there will be different, more people, more macs (god i hate macs) Gastly peaces of computers. Ultimately though I will probably end up hated by newberg too unless I fix myself. Oh well. I'm rather used to being alone and hated, I know I cause most of it anyways (oh i just love blaming stuff on myself, i already feel like shit) Maybe i should just go learn C++ to occupy my time. Just some advice don't ever become (nearly) completely utterly alone like i am. Alot of people will say they will, but theres not much worse then me. Most people would probably feel like dieing right now. I got $55 from the Oregon Department of Revenue, next i should get my federial returns sometime. I'll end up with just over $90. Its not much (compaired to other peoples) but i don't give a shit, its like the rebate checks you get back a year after you bought something and you're like SHIT FREE MONEY!!! Gives a slight bit of excitement to regain money you forgot about. Oh thats right, I have FBLA. Have to leave sunday at one, i'll get back monday night pretty late. I probably won't do well (mmm...negative) but thats only because i really don't give a damn about it. I'm a geek, but i'm not geeky enough to beat out everyone else and go to nationals, nor could i pay for that so i guess i'll just go for fun (it has to be more fun then this) Lets see anything else interesting in my life? Hmm i could bitch and moan about things, and i do that alot online so i think i'll do some bitching and moaning about something. First of this week everyone sat there and blabbed on about how much fun they had over spring break doing this and that. I was at the school all week, working. I had one.. (depressed, negative) then the later part of this week OMG IM TAKEING BLAH BLAH TO THE PROM ITS GOING TO BE SO GREAT!!!!! Dear God please spare me...Valentines day is enough torcher. I don't like anyone to remind me that i'm alone and cant do anything to change it. i could pay people and they still wouldn't go to prom with me. (negative) ok, prove me wrong. oh dear i don't want to deal with a whole day of nothingness tomorrow. One of you people that hate me, come beat me up, that'll be some mild entertainment for me. I'll probably get some homework done, read my book(s) and stare at the cealing. Arnt you envoyous of me? I played with that new sony psp that came out last week, that things pretty nifty. I like it. Yesterday this little short girl in my health class wasn't feeling too great, she was really sore so i offered to drive her home. i did. now today she went and sat by me at lunch, then sat by me in health. Why do people have to be that short? she's like 4 foot 8! I cant even see her unless i'm purpously looking for me or if she's standing on a table. Well she's not going to be comeing back, I'm an alltogather boring person. Most people like me alot more in person then they do online, they should, i'm a whiney negative little bastard. hmm thats 45 minuites down the drain. Whee. I'm not tired yet though. We've also got a girl in my health class thats pregnate. Oh dear god people cant you keep your legs closed? I've mannaged to do it fairly easy (maybe because no one wants me, and the people that do are whores) but comeon do we need to be going out and getting pregnate as a junior? no, its not right. oh good a yawn. Brb i need to pee. Ok i'm back. Wait no...i'm going to see if my cat wants in. when i was just sitting there stareing at my screen earlyer my cat decided to jump on my head and it scared the shit out of me. Yeah i think i should sleep soon. Good night.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
Wheee! Woot Woot!

I'm in English right now, but obviously not working on english, which is fine because I can't exactly focus right now. Why you might ask? Welll, i will tell you the tale.

I hardly ever get enough sleep, but last night I passed out at about 9:11 so I gots plunty of sleep. So that made me be overly entergetic today. Well, then I decided to practly chug two red bulls, and then eat nearly half a can of cake frosting. Then I ate candy. Then sprinkles. Then cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles. Then i had more frosting, combined with hot sauce (don't ask, i'm a crazy fucker) so the end results are me bouncing around the hallways screaming and running around like a mad man.

Right at the beginning of this insanity i was in my advisory class, which is every wednesday, and most generally a colossial waste of my time, so when i have it i am in utter disgust. Because of this disgust, i'm a 'cynical bastard' and a 'asshole' so people in the class were all raggin on me for being such an asshole in the class (jokeingly though) And this cirtian girl was doing it alot so i (jokeingly) called her a bitch so she just up and called me a clit, so i immediatly retured with "mmm....clit, those are fun you rub them..." and the whole class immediatly started bursting out laughing, it was hilarious. The teacher (mid 40's hispanic female) thought it was hilarous. She started to ask why i would know that, and what kind of experiance i had with the clit. Well, in the end me and the girl got into a conversation about how people are interested in other peoples sex life because they want to know what kind of kinky shit other people do incase they want to do it themselves.

I like microwaves.

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Friday, January 07, 2005
School = Worthless

You might notice that the past two entry's are gone, yeah, they didn't need to be up. I just needed to get things written down (I do that often, I write an email to someone but in the end never push send and it always helps me) but With the blog I just put it there for the whole world to see, which they don't need to. I'm extreamly happy with Lyndsy, she puts up with alot of shit (I've been such an ass all week) She really doesn't diserve everything mean i do to her, I'm just glad she puts up with it when she doesn't have to. Maybe she likes me more then I thought. Well I'm sitting here in English class and we have a WEEK to do a two page paper, so thats nice. Hey at least I'm writeing! Dayton has such an easy public eduacation system its a joke, but then again does anyone truely learn anything from public eduacation? Yeah sure something might be there temorarly but after the test it done, who cares? You're not going to rember it next week, why? you don't have to. The whole system is flawed, but again, who cares? America is the strongest nation in the world, I don't think we have to worry about anything for awile. I'd have to say that public education DOES teach you how to think, and get a work ethic going for later on in life. For instance, where am I EVER going to need the stuff I learn in PreCalculus? No where, and if i did need it for a career i'd learn it in college. All they are teaching you is to be a problem solver, they give you something and they teach you to have the dedication to figure it out and move on. You don't actully have to know the math if you know how to use your calculator properly, and they freely let you use your calculators right? Just my two cents about this retarded system. Well i'm trying to expand my music collection and i have a hell of alot already but if anyone has some suggestions of stuff to download let me know, it'd be much appriciated.

And yes Lyndsy, I'll go download Hanson

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Thursday, January 06, 2005
It burns!

Well I ate my food but now I'm sitting in 5th period, 23 minuites before i can get out and i really have to pee, it hurts! 22 minuites...

Kryptonite can't slow him down nothin' can at all
He's always there for you. He'll pick you up if you should fall

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I'm hungry!

Well I went to a career fair today at George Fox, it was utterly worthless like i suspected it would be. Well I got a spiffy pen out of it and didn't have to go to class, so that's good. It's scary how attactched I've become to lyndsy, it's really hard to not be able to see her for this long (and it's not even been a week!) I was up till one last night because I took a nap so I couldn't sleep when I wanted to. I took that PreCal test yesterday, turns out the entire class has a 41% average on it and the highest grade was like 68% so yeah, we all failed horribly. I don't feel so bad now. I was in a rush today so I forgot to shave, I feel stupid, probably look it too but oh well. On the bus on the way back someone asked me why I don't take med's because I'm so fucked up in the head. It was really funny but I suppose a valid question, I'm not right in the head (although I'm good at hideing it when needed) Surpriseingly all the people at the fair didn't bother me, I think I'm getting less and less afraid of new people. I'm glad for that. I've been in a weird mood all week, I'm not quite sure why. Wednesday night I was saying good night to people on line then all of a sudden my chest just had a searing pain where I had my surgary, I think that bone was jabbing my heart. It hurt so much I couldn't get up. I was really scared...I thought I was going to die. It shook me up alot and I started crying, I couldn't do anything to make it better. I'm better now everythings peachy, it's just scary to think that as simple as me sitting there typing to my friends my life could end. Puts life into perspective don't ya think? I just ripped the newest Rammstein cd, that puts me at 6767 songs. Kristians standing infront of me, stareing at me. Sometime I'll make a big long post explaining why that fucker should die and burn in hell. I don't really feel like going to class at all today, but i'm not one to skip classes so i'll be off to english soon. This site has some pretty damn cool wallpapers for your computer: Ya know, just incase you wanted one.

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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Yesterday during class I decided to download some music...about 30 cd's worth...So I started downloading and useing so much of the school's connection that when the teacher went to go show us some website nothing would load! It was funny, at least to me. Oh great some fucker just kicked me on purpose...See I'm sitting on the ground In our hall, the libary's closed today. This isn't good back support at all. I've got lots of homework tonight that i'm not too thrilled about, but it's my fault for not doing it during break. I was up till 1 last night, the last lord of the rings movie is SO LONG but it was really good. Good movies I'll have to read the books sometime. Arg I'm tired, I havn't been sleeping too well lately I've had alot on my mind. Oh Swithfoot! I like switchfoot, i went to their concert on october 1st, the night before the PSAT's...that sucked. I brought samantha and kristan with me, both of which hate me now, for stupid reasions. I really shouldn't pop my joints but It's just a habbit, they feel really funny if i don't do it. Hmm no one acutlly knows that this thing is back up, well except for Carah, but I'm going to keep it like that for awile. Carah's been a good friend to me, it sucks that people are spreading crap around about her and Dugger. Stupid highschool drama. I cant wait till i'm out of here, away from all these fucktards.

I alone love you
I alone tempt you
I alone love you
fear is not the end of this!

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Monday, January 03, 2005

Well I had one of these damn things one year ago, but after awile i got bored of it and decided to remove it, but now it's back. People have been bugging me to make one for awile so I finally caved in. I think this is just what I'll do to occupy my time during lunch these days, life as i know it is terribly boring at school. I don't have any friends here, so finding something to do during lunch is rather difficult, usually i would just sit in my car and listen to music and watch random people walk by and give me the finger. I don't really know why this entire town is aginst me, i guess they all decided to put me down to make themselves feel better. Oh well, they're all fucking losers that won't ammount to anything, just a year and a half more and I'm out, I won't have to see a single one of them anymore. Well....I guess alot of this blog is just going to be mindless babble about whatevers going on, and will probably contain alot about my beautiful girlfriend lyndsy, seeing as how my life revolves around her these days. She's one of the best things that's happened to me, I've changed so much for the better because of her. haha, i could ramble on forever about how great she is. Yep yep. Most of my friends are from mac, they're so much better then these dayton people. I'm listening to Gavin DeGraw, I like him. I have about 6,500 songs on my computer, nearly 3 weeks worth. I love my music collection, everytime I get bored I always organize it, lots and lots to organize! My sister's living at home right now, I feel bad for her...Her husband was abusive and very controlling so she's getting a divorce. Its nice to have her around though, she's fun to talk to and hang out with. My other sister's comeing to visit, she lives in texas. Her and her husband are going to use my bed when they're out, and I'll be on the couch. I really hope they don't have sex on my bed! I really love my bed, its a king size select comfort, with heating pads. Its great. Yesterday I went and bought all three lord of the ring movies, i watched the first and second last night so I'll watch the third one tonight after bible study. Well I've got to go to class now, fucking english.....

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